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Japanese Patent JP2012159000
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To suppress vibration of a fan rotating at a high speed, prevent resonance, and reduce noise, by a configuration with small parts count.

A fan device includes: the fan 1 having an impeller with a plurality of rotary vanes at the outer circumference of a shaft in a rotation center and a motor for rotating the impeller; and a casing 4, which contains the fan 1, and in which a first opening 21 is formed on a first surface 5 where the motor of the fan 1 is mounted and a second opening is formed on a second surface opposite to the first surface 5, wherein a pressing plate 10 is sandwiched between the casing 4 and a fixing plate 15, and jointly fastened and fixed by a screw 17 such that a cushioning member 14 mounted to a pressing part 11 of the pressing plate 10 consisting of non-magnetic materials is pressed to a motor mounting part 6 of the casing 4 mounting the fan 1.

Tanabe, Naohisa
Yamaguchi, Kohei
Hatano, Susumu
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Publication Date:
August 23, 2012
Filing Date:
January 31, 2011
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International Classes:
F04D29/64; F04D29/66
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内藤 浩樹
永野 大介
藤井 兼太郎