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Japanese Patent JP2019086626
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PURPOSE: To provide a filter which gives strength and an impact absorption function to a member forming a filter frame, absorbs an impact to a lens barrel during use of a camera, and can effectively protect a filter lens.CONSTITUTION: A filter that is mounted on a front surface of a lens barrel of a digital camera and a digital video camera includes a filter lens, and a filter frame holding the filter lens, in which the filter frame includes a lens holding part and an outer frame part extending to the outside of the lens holding part, a male screw part for being mounted to the lens barrel is provided on the lens holding part, a female screw part for mounting a related component is provided on an inner peripheral part of the outer frame part, and the filter frame including the lens holding part and the outer frame part or the outer frame part in the filter frame is formed of a synthetic resin blended with metallic powder or a glass fiber.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

唐澤 豊
高橋 薫
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Publication Date:
June 06, 2019
Filing Date:
November 06, 2017
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International Classes:
G03B11/00; G03B17/12
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畠山 隆
福田 保夫