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Japanese Patent JP2014077450
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To eliminate a possibility that an object to be fixed is apt to move in a slant upward direction due to a shock applied from below due to an assumption that a resultant force generated through a striking between an upper edge of a passage formed at a hanging-up-on-the wall component and a shaft has a horizontal component when a force applied from below is added to the hanging-up-on-the wall component.

This fixing system comprises a hanging-up-on-the wall component 2 including a column-like shaft part and a stopper having a larger width than a diameter of the shaft part, a hanging-up-on-the wall frame 3 in which a passage having a diameter larger than a diameter of the shaft part and having a width less than a width of the stopper is opened slant toward a direction crossing with a vertical direction, and protrusions arranged at the upper edge in a vertical direction of the passage and protruded inwardly from the edge toward the passage. When the hanging-up-on-the wall component is inserted into the hanging-up-on-the wall frame and the shaft part is moved down to the lower end of the passage, the protrusions are positioned at the upper side of the passage than the center line passing in a vertical direction at the shaft part.

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Yoshida, Masaru
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Publication Date:
May 01, 2014
Filing Date:
February 07, 2011
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International Classes:
F16M13/02; F16B45/00; G09F9/00
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内藤 浩樹
永野 大介
藤井 兼太郎