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Japanese Patent JP2005140300
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To provide a fixture having excellent recycling property and capable of positively fixing a fixed object to a fixing object part.

In this fixture 1, a bolt 30 screwed with an internal thread part formed on the vehicle body side, and a presser member 5 for pressing the fixed object toward the vehicle body, are engaged in a detachable state. Both members integrally attached in use can be easily separated, and the respective members formed of different materials can be positively classified. Recycling property after the use of the fixture 1 can thereby be improved. Further, since a recessed part 19 serving as a torque transmission part to the bolt 30 is formed at the presser member 5, torque can be easily transmitted to the bolt 30 through the presser member 5, and since the through hole 11 provided in a bolt holding part 10 of the presser member 5 is formed almost in the same shape as a head 31 of the bolt 30 from the top view, the rotation of the bolt 30 within the through hole 11 can be prevented to efficiently and positively transmit torque.

Kato, Katsuhisa
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Publication Date:
June 02, 2005
Filing Date:
November 10, 2003
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F16B43/00; B25B13/48; B62D43/10; F16B41/00; (IPC1-7): F16B43/00; F16B41/00
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名嶋 明郎
山本 文夫
綿貫 達雄