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Japanese Patent JP2013228083
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To provide a fixture such as: a wiring staple, with which an electric wire such as a VVF can be easily fixed only by hammering the wiring staple to an ALC surface or a gypsum board surface in a wiring work of an electric construction, and thereby work efficiency can be enhanced; a nail that has strong fixation force only by hammering a wood sheathing, a pipe, each saddle or the like to an ALC surface or a gypsum board surface; and a suspension tool that can be used for an ALC surface or a gypsum board surface and has strong fixation force.

A fixing member comprising a mixture of a synthetic resin adhesive and metal powder is applied to a body part of a nail made of a metal wire having a head part, to both leg parts of a wiring staple obtained by forming a metal wire into substantially a U shape, or to both leg parts of a suspension tool having a suspending part extended to one end of a head part connecting the both leg parts. Otherwise, by winding a thread to apply a synthetic resin adhesive to the peripheral surface thereof to be provided, a fixture can be used for an ALC, a gypsum board or the like.

Kobayashi, Toshitaka
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Publication Date:
November 07, 2013
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October 17, 2012
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International Classes:
F16B15/00; F16B45/00