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Japanese Patent JP2019093887
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To provide a floor mat which can be handled easily, which is light weight, which inhibits water and dust from falling to a floor, and which facilitates washing and removal of dust adhered to a surface.SOLUTION: A floor mat 2 comprises: an upper sheet 3 formed of a thermoplastic elastomer; and a lower sheet 4 jointed to the upper sheet 3 and formed of a nonwoven fabric 5. A surface 3A of the upper sheet 3 has a trimming part 10 for surrounding whole periphery and swollen upward. The trimming part 10 is provided over whole body of an edge part 3C of an outer peripheral edge of the upper sheet 3. The trimming part 10 has a string-state material 12 having a flange part 12B protruding horizontally from a bottom 12C of the string-state body 12A and a sewing tape 13, the flange part 12B is sewn through the sewing tape 13 along the edge part 3C of the upper sheet 3.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 3

中山 浩夫
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June 20, 2019
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November 22, 2017
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松浦 孝
小倉 洋樹