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Japanese Patent JPS55112460
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PURPOSE:To enable the non-step flow control by a simple construction, by providing the main port of valve at the discharging port of the valve chamber and the bypass valve port at bypass port at difference levels to each other, and by inserting a valve body having non-step flow contol port, etc. in the valve chamber. CONSTITUTION:The valve case 1 is formed by providing an intake port 5 and discharging port 6 at the both sides, and the bypass valve port 4 at a right angle to the discharging port 6; the valve body 2 having, as shown by the expansion plan, the screening wall for bypass port 16, the non-step flow control port 17, the screen for the main valve port 18, and the transit paths 19 and 20, is accommodated in the valve chamber 1 of the valve case 1. The valve body 2 is pushed down by the spring 9 attached to the spring support 8 between the valve body 2 and the valve lid 7, the valve rod 10 is screwed o the valve body 2, and the wheel handle 11 is attached on top of the valve body 2. The display panel 12 is attached on the wheel handle 11 so that each port position of the valve body 2 and the display of the flow can be read by means of the indicator 13.

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August 30, 1980
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February 23, 1979
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F16K5/10; (IPC1-7): F16K5/10