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Japanese Patent JP3138028
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PURPOSE: To perform feedback control with high accuracy by correcting a measurement error in a flow sensor due to temperature change.
CONSTITUTION: This device is provided with a flow rate control valve 2 which is installed in a working oil passage of a hydraulic actuator 31 and opened/ closed according to a driving signal, a valve driving means 32 which drives the flow rate control valve 2 according to the preset directed flow rate Qr and feedback flow rate Qf, a flow measuring means 33 which measures flow rate Qi of hydraulic oil of the control valve 2, and a displacement sensor 34 which measures displacement of the hydraulic actuator 31. Also, there are provided a time measuring means 35 which measures time ΔT taken until the output of the displacement sensor 34 has reached a prescribed displacement Lo, a means 38 which calculates target time To taken until the hydraulic actuator 31 has reached the prescribed displacement Lo based on the directed flow rate Qr, a means 36 which corrects the measured flow rate Qi according to the measured time ΔT and the target time To, and a means 37 which outputs the correction value to the valve driving means 32 as the feedback flow rate Qf.

Kawasaki, Haruhiko
Naito, Kazuhisa
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Publication Date:
February 26, 2001
Filing Date:
November 11, 1991
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International Classes:
F15B9/09; F15B11/04; G05D7/06; G05D16/20; (IPC1-7): F15B9/09; F15B11/04; G05D7/06; G05D16/20
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後藤 政喜 (外1名)