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Japanese Patent JP2002285450
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To obtain a fluff-processed woven fabric hardly dropping fluffs and hardly causing pilling.

A woven fabric is made from a composite filament composed of a low-strength filament such as acetate filament, etc., having ≤2.5 g/D strength and a high-strength filament having a strength ≥2 g/D higher than that of the low-strength filament and the surface of the woven fabric is subjected to card clothing and napping treatment to give a fluff processing woven fabric. The shrinkage percentage in boiling water of the high-strength filament is set ≥5% higher than that of the low-strength filament and the ratio of the low-strength filament is set at ≥60% by a weight ratio. A dense fluff is formed on the surface by the napping processing, the woven fabric hardly causes pilling and does not drop fluffs. The whole woven fabric is formed thinly and strongly and has a clear hue and deepness. Since the woven fabric has a warm feeling, the woven fabric is suitable for clothing for winter. Since the woven fabric is made up of the composite filament obtained by combining the filaments having different properties, the woven fabric has swelling, lightweight and excellent heat insulation performance.

Shibata, Fumio
Terano, Akihiro
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Publication Date:
October 03, 2002
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March 27, 2001
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D06C11/00; D02G1/18; D02G3/04; D03D15/00; D03D25/00; (IPC1-7): D03D25/00; D02G1/18; D02G3/04; D03D15/00; D06C11/00
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内田 敏彦