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Japanese Patent JP2010008647
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To provide a focal-plane shutter for camera provided with a brake mechanism capable of adjusting braking force of a driving member by a braking member finely and easily and having a very simple configuration.

In this focal-plane shutter for camera, the braking member 4 rotated by a driving pin 2b at the end of operation of the driving member 2 for front blade to give braking force to the rotation of the driving member 2 for front blade is rotatably attached to a shaft 1f erected on a shutter blade 1. In addition, an annular member 5, a plain washer 7, a plate spring 8, a compression spring 9, and a nut member 11 are attached to the shaft 1f in this order, and the force for letting the plate spring 8 and the compression spring 9 press the annular member 5 against the braking member 4 can be adjusted by rotating the nut member 11. Although a tortion coil spring 10 is fitted into an outer side of a cylindrical member 6 fitted into the annular member 5 to energize the braking member 4 in the direction of rotation, the compression spring 9 is arranged between the shaft 1f and the cylindrical member 6 to prevent these two members from interfering with each other.

Yamaguchi, Yasutaka
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January 14, 2010
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June 26, 2008
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篠原 泰司
藤中 雅之