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Japanese Patent JP2009172358
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To provide a folding table which can brake so that a top panel does not jump rapidly when putting the top panel into folding.

In a folding table which gears a modesty panel arranged on the lower side of a top panel rear section to the top panel by linkage mechanism while connecting the top panel to right and left leg bodies to be rotatable up and down, adopts a use position where the top panel is level and the modesty panel approaches the lower side of a top panel rear section and is drooping, and a folding position where the anterior part of the top panel bounds, the top panel is nearly parallel to the leg bodies, and the modesty panel follows the posterior border of both leg bodies, at least one pivot point 22 of the linkage mechanism incorporates elastic shock-absorbing mechanism 25 which prepares a projection 41 welding to the free end section of a plate spring on the other member while holding the base end section of the plate spring 38 on one member, and functions and puts a brake on rotation when the top panel approaches the rotation end of the folding position.

Maekawa, Naoyuki
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August 06, 2009
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August 05, 2008
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柳野 隆生
森岡 則夫
関口 久由