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Japanese Patent JP2007144068
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To provide a food service cart capable of, especially, keeping a sanitary state in a storage part and performing a comfortable service not to be affected by odor so much concerning the food service cart for storing a plurality of dishes with food placed thereon in the storage part and performing carrying and serving, while keeping appropriate temperature of the food.

In a cold storage chamber 45 and a warm storage chamber 46 of the food service cart 1, deodorizing filter members 90 having a deodorizing filter body 91, where antibacterial property is reinforced by adding silver ion and by which an odor component in the air is sucked and decomposed, are arranged by inserting an attachment part 94 and an attachment piece 96 to slit holes 51A and an attachment slit 76 with respect to a warm storage suction port 51 and a cold storage suction port 75. A blower unit 21 and an in-chamber fan 71 are driven, so as to allow the air in the warm storage chamber 46 to transmit the deodorizing filter body 91. Thus, the odor component in the air is removed. A sterilizing operation (S6) is performed whenever a prescribed period elapses, so that a sanitary environment is kept in the cold storage chamber 45 and the warm storage chamber 46.

Kawamura, Toshiaki
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June 14, 2007
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November 30, 2005
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A47B31/00; A47B31/02; A47J39/02; F25D23/12
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