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Japanese Patent JP2019098125
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To provide a foot washer for washing the whole reverse side of a foot, and cleanly removing dirt between toes, in view of a fact that due to that there is conventionally a habit of washing the body after warming in a bathtub, and the body and the feet are not washed well before entering into the bathtub, hot water in the bathtub soon gets dirty, and especially, the feet are most dirty places including bacteria and are the largest factor to make hot water in the bathtub dirty.SOLUTION: A foot washer is such that: a shower hanger is fixed upside down to a shower hanger fixing plate; the shower hanger fixing plate is fixed with an inclination to a bottom plate; shower head holders are provided in the right and left of the shower hanger fixing plate and fixed to the bottom plate; a coil spring fixture is provided in a bottom plate central part; a shower head fixing coil spring is mounted in a shower hanger direction; a foot placing table is provided on the coil spring fixture; and a splash preventing cover is provided in the central part of the bottom plate so as to cover the tip of a shower head.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

石倉 博明
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June 24, 2019
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November 30, 2017
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石倉 博明
International Classes:
A47K7/02; A61H35/00

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