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Japanese Patent JPH0629220
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PURPOSE: To deposit a metal thin film or a semiconductor thin film whose width is small by a method wherein a substrate to which a surface treatment to give hydrogen atoms to the surface of the substrate has been executed is irradiated selectively with an energy beam, an irradiated region which has been irradiated with the energy beam and a nonirradiated region are formed on the surface of the substrate and the thin film is formed selectively on the nonirradiated region.

CONSTITUTION: The surface of a (111) Si substrate 101 is treated by a chemical treatment or the like so that the Si surface is terminated by hydrogen in a monoatomic layer. Then, a laminated region on the surface of the substrate 101 is irradiated with an energy beam 106 such as an electron beam, an ion beam, ultraviolet rays or the like. Then, an Al thin film is deposited only in a part terminated by the hydrogen on the surface of the Si substrate. Then, the thickness of terminated hydrogen atoms on the Si surface to be used as a resist is made a monoatomic thickness. Consequently, a working resolution which is caused when the resist thickness of an organic resist is about 0.1μm or higher can be enhanced by this thin-film formation method.

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Tsubouchi, Kazuo
Eki, Kazuya
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February 04, 1994
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April 28, 1992
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H01L21/205; C23C16/02; C23C16/04; C23C16/18; H01L21/285; (IPC1-7): H01L21/205; C23C14/04
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谷 義一 (外1名)