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Japanese Patent JP2013119989
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To improve cooling performance and heat exchange efficiency by uniformly cooling the whole outside air heat exchanger and condenser to effectively utilize water and to reduce loss.

In constituting this free cooling chiller 1 including a first cooling system M1 using a cooling device 3 for cooling a cooling liquid L, a second cooling system M2 having the outside air heat exchanger 5 exchanging heat between the outside air A distributed by an air distribution fan 4 and the cooling liquid L, and a control system Mc controlling the cooling of the cooling liquid L by using the first cooling system M1 and the second cooling system M2, the outside air heat exchanger 5 is disposed in a standing state, the condenser 6 in a freezing cycle C constituting the cooling device 3 is disposed in opposition to the outside air heat exchanger 5, and at least one or more spray nozzles Ns of a sprinkling mechanism 7 is disposed at an upstream-side position of the outside air heat exchanger 5 in the flowing direction Fw of the outside air A for spraying the water Lwm to an outer face of the outside air heat exchanger 5 from an oblique lower part at a prescribed angle Qf determined in advance.

Ohazama, Takamichi
Nakajima, Takahisa
Yoshioka, Masuo
Katagiri, Tomomi
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Publication Date:
June 17, 2013
Filing Date:
December 07, 2011
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F28F25/06; F24F5/00; F28C1/00
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下田 茂