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Japanese Patent JPH11151
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To provide a method for freezing foods, while extremely effectively using the inner space of a freezing chamber and freeze the foods with a high freezing efficiency and productivity, by freezing the foods with a freezer, in whose freezing chamber one or plural rails each continuously having horizontal portions and bent portions in a zigzag state and having a carrying function are set.

Foods 5 such as porous water-containing wheat flour foods are frozen with the freezer, in whose freezing chamber 1 one or plural rails 2 each having horizontal portions 3 and bent portions 4 in a zigzag state and having a carrying function are set. The foods 5 are charged into specific shape molds, which are connected to each other in a spit-like form. Both the ends or the end of the spit are mounted on a pair of the rails or the rail set in the freezing chamber 1, and the spit can be carried in the freezing chamber 1 and simultaneously frozen.

Yamaguchi, Hiroaki
Sato, Manabu
Arai, Yoshinori
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Publication Date:
January 06, 1999
Filing Date:
June 11, 1997
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International Classes:
A23L3/36; A21D15/02; (IPC1-7): A23L3/36
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古谷 馨 (外3名)