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Japanese Patent JP2005002869
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To provide a fuel injection pump absorbing inclination of a camshaft 4 caused by pump force-feed load and inclination of the camshaft 4 in assembly without increasing the number of parts, and prevent increase in size of a feed pump 2.

In the feed ump 2 of a fuel injection pump, an insertion part 41 disposed on one end side of the camshaft 4 projected from one end face of a pump housing 11 is clearance-fit into an insertion hole 26 of an inner rotor 23 constituting a pump main body 21 through an intermediate clearance δ3 and a second radial clearance δ3. A tapered part 51 with outer diameter becoming smaller toward one end face of the camshaft 4 is formed as a relief part 5 on one end side of the insertion part 41 of the camshaft 4. Therefore, the inclination of the camshaft 4 caused by the pump force-feed load and the inclination of the camshaft 4 in assembly are absorbed so that a change amount of a side clearance δ1 is decreased.

Uchiumi, Yasutaka
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Publication Date:
January 06, 2005
Filing Date:
June 11, 2003
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F02M59/44; F02M37/06; F02M39/00; F02M63/02; F04B23/10; F04C2/10; F04C11/00; F04C15/00; (IPC1-7): F02M59/44
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石黒 健二