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Japanese Patent JP3638056
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a fuel pump whose fuel discharge quantity can be regulated through a simple method and its manufacturing method.
SOLUTION: The thickness of a housing 11 is set up so that in a state where an auxiliary housing 50 is not attached, the magnetic circuit of a motor section 30 may be magnetically saturated in the housing 11. The fuel discharge quantity of the fuel pump 10 is measured in the state where the auxiliary housing 50 is not attached, and this measurement value is compared with the required discharge quantity, and the auxiliary housing 50 whose plate thickness is selected so as to approach the desired discharge quantity is attached to the outer periphery of the housing 11 to increase the thickness of the whole of the housing for increasing effective magnetic fluxes &phiv and lowering the number of revolutions N. As a result, the fuel discharge quantity of the fuel pump 10 excessive in comparison with the required discharge quantity decreases. Thus since the consumed electric power of the fuel pump 10 can be reduced, and the quantity of fuel returned to the fuel tank decreases, the vapor generation of the fuel can be controlled.

Ito, Motoya
Matsuda, Takeshi
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April 13, 2005
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May 21, 1996
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F02M37/08; F04B17/03; F04C15/00; F04D5/00; F04D13/06; F04D15/00; F04D23/00; (IPC1-7): F04D5/00; F02M37/08
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