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Japanese Patent JP2007138495
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To provide a gable tile having such a structure that suppresses dropping of the rainwater collected in a suspension part of the gable tile as raindrops and generation of rain dropping sound when the gable tile receives falling rain obliquely together with wind.

Arbitrary gable tile 50 having vertical cross section having a substantially reverse L shape is composed of a main body part 30 provided on a sheathing roof board and the suspension part 40 suspended from the main body part at substantially right angle, and a suppressing means 60 for suppressing dropping of raindrops from the suspension part of an upper gable tile tiled at a step upper the gable tile is provided in the suspension part of the gable tile to suppress droplets of rain from the suspension part of the upper gable tile from becoming raindrops when rain falls obliquely together with wind. The suppressing means 60 is composed of a member like a thin rail formed integrally with an inward face part of the suspension part retracting onto an inward side of the gable tile on an end part side of the gable tile, and the member like the thin rail receives the raindrops dropping from the suspension part of the upper wing tile.

Oguri, Kazuhiko
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June 07, 2007
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November 17, 2005
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