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Japanese Patent JPH06218348
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PURPOSE: To obtain a garbage disposer capable of grinding up garbage for disposal in a short time and using a sink effectively by providing a garbage receiving part, a garbage entrance opening, a grinding means and a disposal tank and locating the disposal tank at the corner of the sink.

CONSTITUTION: In garbage disposing operation, a helical body 13 is rotated to send garbage through a garbage receiving part 4 and then through a garbage entrance opening 11 to the forward end of the garbage disposer to grind up the garbage by fixed teeth 12 and rotating teeth 15 and the ground garbage is sent therefrom into a disposal tank 16. The ground garbage in the disposal tank 16 is eliminated by decomposition into water and carbon dioxide by the bacillus and coccus naturally occurring in treating medium 28. Since the disposal tank 16 is located at the corner of a L-shaped sink incapable of being used easily for other purpose, the sink 1 can be used effectively and easily using a space made wider than when the disposal tank 16 is installed at any other place.

Morishita, Takuya
Hirata, Satoshi
Onishi, Yoshihisa
Fukumoto, Akihiro
Aida, Kenji
Sasakura, Hiroyuki
Yamauchi, Yoshiaki
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Publication Date:
August 09, 1994
Filing Date:
January 27, 1993
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International Classes:
B09B3/00; B02C18/00; B02C21/00; C02F11/02; (IPC1-7): B09B3/00; B02C18/40; B02C21/00
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
西野 卓嗣