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Japanese Patent JP2002162385
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To provide a gas analyzer which efficiently and precisely analyzes impurities at ppb to sub-ppb level in a high-purity gas by integrating gas switching devices into one for minimum gas retention.

A gas switching device 21 comprises an analyzer lead-in path 22 which guides the sample gas from a sample gas source 11 to an analyzer 12 through an analyzer lead-in valve 22V, a separator lead-in path 23 which, branching from a primary path of the analyzer lead-in valve 22V, guides the sample gas to a separator 13 through a separator lead-in valve 23V, and a separator lead-out path 24 which guides the gas drawn from the separator 13 to a secondary path of the analyzer lead-in valve 22V through a separator lead-out valve 24V. Here, when the analyzer lead-in valve 22V is opened or closed, the separator lead-in valve 23V and the separator lead-out valve 24V are interlocked to be closed or opened.

Kikuchi, Tsutomu
Nishina, Akira
Kimijima, Tetsuya
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Publication Date:
June 07, 2002
Filing Date:
November 24, 2000
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G01N27/62; B01D59/44; G01N1/00; G01N1/22; G01N30/02; G01N30/04; G01N30/72; G01N30/88; G01N30/90; (IPC1-7): G01N27/62; G01N1/00; G01N1/22; G01N30/72
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木戸 一彦