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Japanese Patent JP2014119044
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To simply and surely open a gas bomb without requesting a specific requirement to an operator or the like.

A gas bomb opener includes: a body part including a ball hole formed through a side cylinder; a rotary ring including a ball by-pass port and inserted into the outside of the body part so as to be rotated around the body part acting as a rotary shaft and moved along a longitudinal direction of the body part; a bomb adaptor configured so that one end is fixed on the body part, the other end forms an attachment port of a gas bomb and a seal plate is arranged in the vicinity of a body part side end part; a spring part inserted into the inside of the body part and locked by a spring stop part of an inner wall end part of the body part; a cutter part attached between the spring part and the seal plate and including a pin part energized to the seal plate side by force of the spring part and having a sharp tip; a ball located between the cutter part and the bomb adaptor to regulate abutment of the pin part on the seal plate by force of the spring part; and a ring driving part arranged spirally along an outer periphery of the rotary ring and allowed to be expanded and contracted while fixing one end on the body part and fixing the other end on the rotary ring.

Aizawa, Tetsuo
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June 30, 2014
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December 17, 2012
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F17C7/00; B63B22/22; F16K17/38; F16K31/70; F17C13/08
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机 昌彦
下坂 直樹