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Japanese Patent JP2000240908
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To prevent fire insulating tiles being lined on a combustion chamber from being burnt by providing a cylindrical rectifying member which makes a combustion gas advance straight in the combustion chamber until the combustion gas being jetted from a nozzle is discharged into a furnace from the combustion chamber for a heavy fuel oil burner.

A gas 6 being jetted from a burner gun 3 is immediately combusted with air 2 in a nozzle 4 so that scales may not be generated on a tube body which is an objective to be heated, and a combustion gas of a high temperature is formed, and the combustion gas is made to advance straight at least until being discharged into a furnace from a combustion chamber 5. In concrete, at the tip end of the nozzle 4, a cylindrical rectifying member 7 of which the length is equivalent to a distance from the combustion chamber 5 for a heavy fuel oil burner to a point wherein the combustion gas goes through, and which suppresses the stream of the combustion gas in the radial direction, is arranged. Therefore, even when the combustion chamber 5 is the same as one which is used for a heavy fuel oil burner, the high temperature gas does not apply a large thermal burden to the internal wall of the combustion chamber 5, and also, the generation of scales on the tube body can be reduced as well.

Shoji, Masaaki
Kinoshita, Yoshinori
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Publication Date:
September 08, 2000
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February 23, 1999
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F23D14/48; F23D11/10; F23D14/22; F23D14/84; F23D17/00; (IPC1-7): F23D14/22; F23D14/48; F23D17/00
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小杉 佳男 (外1名)