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Japanese Patent JP2001000336
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To provide a gas grill ensuring safety against a fire or the like by stopping combustion upon detecting such a temperature as to have the possibility of ignition of oil in a pan even if used without putting water in the pan or used putting only a small quantity of water.

A roasting chamber 3 with a gridiron 2 installed is provided in a grill case 1, and the grill case 1 is provided with a burner 5 for heating the interior of the roasting chamber 3. An exhaust port 6 for exhausting hot air supplied into the roasting chamber 3 from the burner 5 is formed at the lower part of the roasting chamber 3. A temperature sensor T for detecting the temperature of hot air exhausted from the exhaust port 6, from the upper face side of a pan 8 disposed below the gridiron 2 in the roasting chamber 3 is provided at the exhaust port 6 part, and combustion is stopped when the temperature sensor T detects the specified temperature or higher with the possibility of ignition of oil.

Kodera, Hiroshi
Uchida, Yuzuru
Ota, Akira
Application Number:
Publication Date:
January 09, 2001
Filing Date:
June 23, 1999
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International Classes:
A47J37/06; F24C3/12; (IPC1-7): A47J37/06; F24C3/12
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
西川 惠清 (外1名)