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Japanese Patent JPH11201071
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To carry out low speed rotation, to supply force of high pressure, to reduce noise and vibration and reduce energy loss by separating gas and liquid in each communicating ring shaped flow passage into pressurized gas and pressurized liquid, and forcibly supply the pressurized gas to a pressurized gas accumulating device arranged outside.

A pulley 23 arranged on a rotary shaft 4 is rotated by a motor and the like, a gas-liquid transferring coil body 3 is rotated, and thereby, gas-liquid in each communicating ring-shaped flow passage 2 is set in a pressurized condition. And then, the gas-liquid is forcibly supplied from a gas-liquid flow outlet 7 of the gas-liquid transferring coil body 3 to a rotating forcibly supplying pipe 8 in a mixed condition, and is forcibly supplied to a forcibly supplying pipe 10. Pressurized gas and pressurized liquid to be forcibly supplied to the forcibly supplying pipe 10 are separated into pressurized gas and pressurized liquid by a gas-liquid separating device 13, the pressurized gas is forcibly supplied to a pressurized gas accumulating device 14 communicated with the forcibly supplying pipe 10, and a device formed by the structure is utilized as a compressor and the like. It is thus possible to simplify the structure of a device, reduce costs, miniaturize the device, since an inner structure such as a piston, an impeller, a gear, a screw, and the like is not used in the device.

Yoshioka, Takeshi
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July 27, 1999
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February 09, 1998
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F04D3/00; F04B19/06; F04B19/12; (IPC1-7): F04D3/00
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高橋 章