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Japanese Patent JP3184960
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable a pump to be usable for various applications by promoting the labor-saving of a gas-liquid pump device which is provided with high pressure feeding force at low speed, in addition to being less in noise and vibration as well as energy loss, and simple in structural operations, and besides, there is no environmental disruption.
SOLUTION: A pipe winding body 3 made up of winding a pipe 1 around a turning shaft 4 whose inside is hollow, attaching a bearing, and then integrally attached with each ringlike passage 2, is set up close to a water surface rotatably at almost horizontality, and then one end of the pipe winding body 13 is set to be an inflow port 6, and the other end is a rotary force feed pipe 8 and, after connecting it to a connecting implement 9, it is connected to a force feed pipe, the pipe winding body 3 is rotated, and gas-liquid is made to flow in from the inflow port 6 at each rotation. Then, the gas-liquid keeps a separated water sealed state in the ringlike passage 2, whereby resistance is given together with each rotation, inducing a water level difference in the water sealed state, and pressurization is gradually cumulated, solving the water sealed state from the final ring, then the gas-liquid is passed through the inner part of the turning shaft 4 and forcibly fed to various devices and places on the outside from the force feeding pipe by way of the connecting implement 9 from the rotary force feed pipe 9, and thus it is used for various applications.

Yoshioka, Takeshi
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July 09, 2001
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April 09, 1998
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Yoshioka, Takeshi
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F04D3/00; F04B19/06; F04B19/12; F04D13/00; F04D13/04; F04D23/00; F04D25/02; (IPC1-7): F04B19/06; F04D3/00

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