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Japanese Patent JP2001221143
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To provide a gas-liquid stream force power generating set utilizing water flow force of small had and rich water amount in a river, tidal flow, etc., existing almost innumerably in the world to create high pressure water utilized for hydraulic power generation.

This gas-liquid stream force power generating set, by providing a rotary shaft or a fixed shaft with the inside in cavity shape almost horizontally near the water surface, constituting a pipe winding unit with a continued pipe wound to make one of the pipe serve as an inflow port and the other connect from the pipe winding unit via the rotary shaft or the fixed shaft from a forced feed equipment to a water storage equipment or a gas liquid separating chamber, rotating the pipe winding unit to allow gas liquid to alternately flow in the pipe at each rotation, additionally providing a vane or a propeller or a screw in a pump (gas liquid pump or the like) forcedly feeding gas-liquid together, and receiving stream power to rotate the pump with the gas liquid, generating a high pressure, forcedly fed to the water storage equipment via the forced feed equipment of the pump or separates gas-liquid in the gas-liquid separating chamber, and creates high pressure water to forcedly feed it to a power plant for power generation.

Yoshioka, Takeshi
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Publication Date:
August 17, 2001
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February 07, 2000
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F04B19/08; F03B7/00; F03B13/06; F03B13/22; F03B17/06; (IPC1-7): F03B17/06; F03B7/00; F03B13/06; F03B13/22; F04B19/08