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Japanese Patent JP2000170649
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To generate high pressure at low rpm by rotating a pipe winding body while the half peripheral part of the pipe winding body fitted with a pipe around a hollow rotating shaft is soaked in the water, and accelerating the water scooped up from an inflow port on one end of the pipe winding body to lead out through the hollow rotating shaft.

A hollow rotating shaft 4 is supported in generally horizontal, an exit side end part of a ring-shaped passage 2 in a pipe winding body 3 made by winding a pipe 1 is communicated to the inside of the rotating shaft 4 to fix the pipe winding body 3 and the rotating shaft 4. At that time, the pipe winding body 3 is disposed in such a way that about a half peripheral part thereof is soaked in the water, and an entrance side end part of the ring-shaped passage 2 is provided to be able to sink in the water as a gas-liquid inflow port 6. By rotation of the pipe winding body 3 through the rotating valve 4, the water scooped from the gas-liquid inflow port 6 into the pipe winding body 3 is accelerated during passing through the ring-shaped passage 2, leaded to a rotating pressure sending pipe 8 through a outflow pipe 7, and pumped up to a liquid cistern 12 at a high position through a pressure sending pipe 10.

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Yoshioka, Takeshi
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Publication Date:
June 20, 2000
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March 08, 1999
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International Classes:
F04D3/00; F04B19/12; (IPC1-7): F04B19/12; F04D3/00