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Japanese Patent JP11021833
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To provide a grass fastening plate which can easily perform the mounting works to a stay, has strong pinching force for the stay, whose peripheral part is free of being tucked up, and which can be installed in compliance with the sloping or surface unevenness of the ground.

A grass fastening plate 1 is installed at the root of a stay, which may be of different type, and prevents grass vegetation by covering the ground surface of the surrounding area of the root. The plate 1 is formed conically from a thin plate and is furnished in the center with an opening 11 to admit penetration of the stay, where one dividing line 13 is provided stretching from the periphery to the inside circumference. A bolt 30 and nut 31 are furnished to fasten the inside surface of the opening 11 strongly to the peripheral surface of the stay by joining together the two edges produced by the dividing line 13 and tightening. The conical surface 10 is formed in a curved surface convex upward in the radial direction. The inside surface of the opening 11 is formed as a curved surface 25 protruding inward approx. over the whole circumference.

Yakushinji, Kuniaki
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Publication Date:
January 26, 1999
Filing Date:
July 04, 1997
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E01H11/00; E01F9/00; E01F9/04; E01F15/04; (IPC1-7): E01F9/011; E01H11/00