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Japanese Patent JP2007112427
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To provide an airbag capable of minimizing contact with an occupant.

The airbag is composed of a main panel 102 having an outer face panel 103 confronting the occupant when the airbag 100 is inflated and including openings 130, 130a and 130b having edges 140 near the outer face panel 130, cup-shaped structures 150, 152 and 160 formed in the openings, tighly sewn or fixed to the edge 140 of the opening 130 in the main panel, and positioned in the airbag below the outer surface of the main panel, and a tying part as a portion 180 having a second end fixed to part of the cup-shaped structures and arranged so that the length of the tying part is prevented from moving beyond the outer surface of the main panel, in which parts other than the cup-shaped structures constitute two robes 112a and 112b to confront each other when inflated, and the cup structures form a recess 110 between the two robes.

Pang, Hyunsok
Padiyar, Prabhakar
Jung, Jin HO
Kim, Soonsik
Sadenwater, Robert J.
Coon, Jeffrey S.
Application Number:
Publication Date:
May 10, 2007
Filing Date:
October 06, 2006
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International Classes:
B60R21/16; B60R21/233; B60R21/2338
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
宮崎 昭夫
石橋 政幸
緒方 雅昭