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Japanese Patent JP2000180561
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To provide a ground investigation method for accurately, easily, and rapidly investigating stratum sections, ground strength in each stratum, and the like even under the ground at a depth being relatively shallower from the earth's surface and in the ground with a complex stratum structure.

A shell 10 with at least either one being selected from an accelerator, a load meter, and a pore water pressure meter in a tip part 12 is penetrated into the ground whose base is to be investigated, the penetration resistance of the shell 10 is measured at each stratum L for composing the ground, at the same time an elastic wave E is generated from the shell tip part 12 when the shell is penetrated, and either one of a direct wave D and a reflection wave R being reflected on each stratum boundary surface C out of the elastic wave E is measured by a vibration receiver 3, thus estimating the condition of stratum such as the ground strength and stratum section of each stratum L.

Toriihara, Makoto
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Publication Date:
June 30, 2000
Filing Date:
December 17, 1998
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E02D1/00; G01N3/40; G01V1/143; G01V1/28; (IPC1-7): G01V1/28; E02D1/00; G01N3/40; G01V1/143