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Japanese Patent JPH10273304
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To provide a heat exchange type reformer for producing a synthesis gas rich in hydrogen such as a methanol synthesis gas or an ammonia synthesis gas by utilizing self generating heat.

This heat exchange type reformer has a heat-exchanging chamber having a built-in reaction tube for modifying a hydrocarbon with steam, a collector 10 for collecting the gas discharged from the reaction tube, a vertical tube 11 for charging the gas from the collector 10 to a combustion chamber 12, the combustion chamber 12 for partially oxidizing the gas discharged from the reaction tube, and a secondary modifying catalyst chamber for secondary modifying the gas after partial oxidization, and is constituted so that the secondary modified gas may be charged to the heat-exchanging chamber to heat the reaction tube. The heat exchange type reformer also has a spherical shell-like catalyst bed 14 having penetrating hole through which a vertical tube penetrates the spherical shell-like catalyst bed 14, a perforated plate 84 for holding the catalyst, and a cylinder 85, and the cylinder 85 is connected to the inner periphery terminal of a perforated plate 83 so as to be parallel to the vertical tube. The secondary modifying catalyst 81 is filled on the spherical catalyst bed 14 and the secondary modifying catalyst 81 is prevented from being brought into contact with the vertical tube by the cylinder 85.

Matsumoto, Takahiro
Kobayashi, Kazuto
Makihara, Hiroshi
Takijiri, Kiyoshige
Nagai, Hideaki
Hiramatsu, Yasushi
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Publication Date:
October 13, 1998
Filing Date:
March 28, 1997
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C01B3/38; B01J8/06; B01J19/00; C07B61/00; C10G9/36; C10G11/00; C10G35/00; (IPC1-7): C01B3/38; B01J8/06; B01J19/00; C10G9/36; C10G11/00; C10G35/00
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三浦 良和