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Japanese Patent JPH0545082
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PURPOSE: To cover a heat exchanger tube which is formed in the shape of an oval in a transverse cross section out of a metallic sheet and used for air conditioning heat exchangers and obtains higher heat transmission performance and higher heat exchange performance by continuously installing a turned over and curve-shaped protruding section into a flat board section.

CONSTITUTION: When this material is used for multiflow type aluminum-made heat exchanger tubes, an aluminum brazing sheet whose both sides are clad with a solder layer and worked, thereby forming heat exchanger tubes 6. More specifically, a pair of flat boards 7 laid out in parallel with each other at a specified span are integrally coupled by a U-shaped bend 9 on one side edge. On the other side edge, inwardly bent edges 10 are butt-welded electrically so that the boards may be unified in one piece. During this operation, on the flat boards 7 there are installed a partitioning protruding section 11 inside and a heating area enlargement sideward-protruding section 12 and a heating area enlargement inward-protruding section 13 at a specified pitch.

Ito, Shinji
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Publication Date:
February 23, 1993
Filing Date:
August 12, 1991
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F28D1/03; F28F1/02; F28F1/40; F28F3/04; (IPC1-7): F28F1/02; F28F1/40
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清水 久義 (外2名)