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Japanese Patent JPS6383585
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PURPOSE: To permit the heating or cooling of a small amount of liquid, whose heat is to be exchanged, in a short period of time, by a method wherein outflow ports are provided at scattered spots in the lengthwise direction of a liquid outflow pipe and the liquid, which flows down through the outflow ports of the liquid outflow pipe and whose heat is to be exchanged, is brought into contact with a heat medium pipe, finned horizontally.

CONSTITUTION: Liquid, whose heat is to be exchanged, is introduced from a liquid introducing pipe 8 into a liquid introducing chamber 9. Liquid outflow pipes 3 are provided between both ends of a lid body 2b and one end of the liquid outflow pipe 3 communicates with the liquid introducing chamber 9. Long hole type outflow ports 5 equally spaced are bored in the upper part of said pipe 3 in the lengthwise direction. A heat medium introducing pipe 10, through which heat medium is introduced, is provided at the left lower part of a casing 2a and said pipe 10 communicates with a heat medium introducing chamber 11. Both ends of heat medium pipes 1 are allowed to communicate with the heat medium introducing chamber 11, a heat medium communicating chamber 12, a heat medium takeout chamber 14 and the heat medium communicating chamber 15 while the heat medium pipe 1 is provided with fins 6 at both sides thereof. A liquid flow-down type heat exchanger is constituted in such a manner whereby the liquid, whose heat is to be exchanged, flows down, heat exchange is effected on contact with the heat medium pipes 1 of an uppermost stage, further, the heat exchange is effected on contact with the heat medium pipes 1 of second, third ...stages sequentially whereby the liquid may be kept at a predetermined temperature.

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April 14, 1988
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September 25, 1986
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F28D3/00; F25B39/00; F28D3/02; F28F1/14; (IPC1-7): F28D3/02; F28F1/14
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