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Japanese Patent JP2005166770
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To prevent the broken piece of a substrate from being scattered even when the substrate is broken in a heat treatment chamber.

In the heat treatment apparatus 1, the upper opening 60 of a chamber body 6 is closed by a transparent plate 61, and the chamber body 6 is irradiated with a light via the upper opening 60 by a light irradiating unit 5. In the chamber body 6, a susceptor 72 for supporting the substrate 9, a hot plate 71 for heating the susceptor 72 and a cover member 21 disposed between the transparent plate 61 and the susceptor 72 are provided. In the susceptor 72, a recess deeper than the thickness of the substrate 9 is formed in the susceptor 72, the lower surface of the substrate 9 is supported by the bottom of the recess, and the periphery of the substrate 9 is surrounded by the side wall of the recess. When the substrate 9 is treated, the cover member 21 is lowered and brought into contact with the upper end of the side wall of the recess, and the recess is blocked. Thus, the periphery of the substrate 9 is blocked easily in the chamber body 6. As a result, even if the substrate 9 is broken at the treating time, the broken piece can be prevented from being scattered.

Hosokawa, Akihiro
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Publication Date:
June 23, 2005
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December 01, 2003
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H01L21/683; F27B17/00; F27D5/00; H01L21/00; H01L21/22; H01L21/26; H01L21/265; H01L21/324; (IPC1-7): H01L21/26; H01L21/22; H01L21/265; H01L21/68
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松阪 正弘