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Japanese Patent JP3877878
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce the equipment cost of the whole of a heat treatment furnace and to save the running cost by miniaturizing an exhaust gas treatment device of the heat treatment furnace.
SOLUTION: A heat treatment furnace is equipped with a hot air supply system 3 for supplying high temp. air to a furnace 2, an exhaust gas treatment system 5 for purifying exhaust gas and a hot air circulating system 6 refluxing a part of the exhaust gas to be treated in the exhaust gas treatment system 5 into the furnace 2 through the hot air supply system 3. Since the open air pressurized by a compressor 12 is supplied to the combustion chamber 9 of the hot air supply system 3 sufficient oxygen can be supplied and combustion is accelerated. When the exhaust gas is refluxed to the combustion chamber 9, a harmful component is burnt and purified and, therefore, an exhaust gas treatment device 4 can be small-sized and equipment cost can be reduced. Since high temp. purified gas is discharged, it can be reutilized as the heat source of the heat treatment furnace. Further, since a turbine 10 is rotated by the high temp. and high pressure air formed by the combustion chamber 9 to generate electricity by a dynamo 11, energy and running cost can be reduced by utilizing this electricity.

村 知 幹 夫
舎久保 浩 二
山 本 高 櫻
谷 口 道 夫
冨 高 晋 二
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February 07, 2007
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July 30, 1998
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B05C9/14; F26B15/12; (IPC1-7): B05C9/14
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澤野 勝文
川尻 明