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Japanese Patent JP2000287850
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To reduce failure, to easily set a temperature constant in a plane, and to excellently keep the temperature distribution in divisions by substantially arranging sheet-like heaters for radiating far infrared radiation in the downward direction in an upper part in the respective divisions, and respectively adjusting a temperature in the respective divisions by a temperature adjusting means.

When closing a power source switch, since carbon heaters 24 of shelf type sheet-like heaters 20 arranged in an upper part of respective divisions are energized, far infrared radiation generated by the carbon heaters 24 is radiated in the downward direction of the divisions. The inside of the respective divisions is heated by radiation heat by this far infrared radiation including foods placed on a base board part 21 of the shelf type sheet-like heaters 20 of the lower part. A temperature in the respective divisions is detected by a temperature sensor 22 contacting with the carbon heaters 24, and the radiating far infrared radiation becomes constant by controlling a temperature of the carbon heaters 24, so that a temperature of warming foods can also be kept constant.

Kaneko, Kazuo
Kaneko, Masao
Asakura, Toshio
Kaneko, Shuichi
Kaneko, Kayu
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Publication Date:
October 17, 2000
Filing Date:
April 01, 1999
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International Classes:
A47J39/02; (IPC1-7): A47J39/02