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Japanese Patent JPS6189423
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PURPOSE: To improve the thermal efficiency by a method wherein a panel heater is arranged in a manner that the space between the panel heater and a wall is provided to be wide at the upper part and narrow at the lower part in a heating device provided with the panel heater.

CONSTITUTION: A panel heater 5 is mounted on a wall 1 in inclined manner that the space at the upper part 6a between the panel heater 5 and the wall 1 is larger than that at the lower part 6b. By such a structure, an air moved upward due to the heating between the panel heater 5 and the wall 1 is contacted with a relatively lower temperature air located at the side part of the upper part 6a having a large space, then the temperature of the air moved upward is decreased. Meantime, the temperature dropping at the lower part is decreased due to the narrow space at the lower part 6b, accordingly, the temperature difference between the upper part and the lower part in the space formed by the panel heater 5 and the wall 1 can be decreased. Therefore, the power-OFF can be prevented in case that the temperature rising exceeds the limit of heat resistant temperature at the upper part in spite of the low temperature at the lower part of the panel heater 5. Thereby, the improvement of thermal efficiency can be contrived.

Nakagawa, Naoharu
Urano, Masashi
Shinagawa, Mikio
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Publication Date:
May 07, 1986
Filing Date:
October 05, 1984
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International Classes:
F24D13/02; F24D19/02; F24H3/00; (IPC1-7): F24D13/02