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Japanese Patent JP2002174491
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To selectively adjust a water-sprinkling region and the amount of water to be sprinkled according to the purpose without being affected by the wave of the water surface in an upper water tank by a siphon bent pipe that is arranged at the upper water tank, and without being accompanied by a swirl at a suction section due to the adjustment of the water level.

A number of water-scattering holes 12 are punched at the bottom of the upper water tank 10 for a heating tower A, and the inner edge of an arbitrary number of water-scattering holes is set to the siphon curved pipe 13 in an inverse U shape that is raised inside the upper water tank. An undulated filling plate made of a synthetic resin is arranged in the width direction of a fresh air intake 23 with an interval vertically as a filler at the lower portion of the upper water tank 10. Preferably, the siphon curved pipe 13 is uniformly distributed at the entire region of the bottom of the upper water tank 10. An outer end 15 of the siphon curved section 13 is positioned separately from the inner surface near the inner surface of the bottom of the upper water tank 10 as an inlet 16.

Ito, Yoshiro
Taima, Tetsuo
Yasusato, Mitsuharu
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Publication Date:
June 21, 2002
Filing Date:
December 07, 2000
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F24F1/00; F28C1/04; F28F25/06; (IPC1-7): F28C1/04; F24F1/00; F28F25/06
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山田 正国