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Japanese Patent JPH11241785
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To effectively absorb energy of high pressure fluid and to suppress noise and cavitation by providing a cage body with a plurality of independent communicating holes, providing a path within a cylindrical surface concentric with a shaft of the cage body while the communicating holes pass through the cage body and imparting much refractions to the routes of the communicating holes.

A valve seat 3 is set in a valve box 1, a cage body 5 is inserted, the cage body 5 is fixed by a cage body presser 6, a valve element 4 is inserted, a valve cover 2 is covered and a high differential pressure valve is assembled. By sliding, elevating and lowering the valve element 4 on an inner wall of the cage body 5 and changing opening hole area of communicating holes 10 of the cage body 5, flow rate of high pressure fluid is regulated. A refraction groove is formed at a location corresponding to a through-hole of a cylindrical body to an outermost surface layer on the surface of the cylindrical body to be a core constituting the cage body 5. The same refraction groove and through-hole are formed also on the surface of the cylindrical body of an innermost layer. By constituting the cage body 5 by the plurality of cylindrical bodies, forming refraction routes on the surfaces of the cylindrical bodies and joining the cylindrical bodies, energy of high pressure fluid can effectively be absorbed.

Iketani, Takashi
Muranaka, Yoshio
Morooka, Hiroyuki
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Publication Date:
September 07, 1999
Filing Date:
February 25, 1998
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F16K1/00; F16K47/02; F16K47/08; (IPC1-7): F16K47/02; F16K1/00
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関 正治