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Japanese Patent JPH01159915
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PURPOSE: To enable the initial absorption force of a movable contact to increase and the breaking time to shorten by impactfully applying the magnetic attractive force of a movable iron core to which a latch mechanism is released to a movable contact and increasing the initial opening speed of the movable contact by linking up with the spring force of a quick-break spring.

CONSTITUTION: When a main circuit current reaches the detecting level of abnormal current, a movable iron core 8 is attracted by making a pin 9 as fulcrum, a latch mechanism is released to disengage the roller 14 of a movable contact 3, the movable contact 3 is opened through a quick-break spring 16 by making a pin 15 as fulcrum. All this while, arc current flows between a fixed contact 2 and the movable contact 3, so the magnetic attraction force acts on the movable iron core 8. This acting force is applied to the movable contact 3 until a gap g between a fixed iron core 7 and the movable iron core 8 becomes zero through a impactor 17 which is arranged opposed to the movable contact 3 on the top side of the movable iron core 8 and has a predetermined length. Thereby, the movable contact 3 can obtain a high initial opening speed by linking up with the opening force of the quick-break spring 16.

Sato, Motoo
Narita, Masao
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Publication Date:
June 22, 1989
Filing Date:
December 17, 1987
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International Classes:
H01H33/40; H01H5/06; H01H33/42; (IPC1-7): H01H5/06; H01H33/40
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森 哲也 (外3名)

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