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Japanese Patent JP2013002482
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To provide a hinge device that achieves a diameter reduction in a rotation space, and eliminates the need for using a high-accuracy component.

In a hinge device 30, a first member 20 and a second member are mounted so as to be relatively turnable, and turning torque thereof is varied in accordance with a turning angle. The hinge device 30 includes: the first member 20; a shaft 22 the one end 20a of which is mounted on the first member 20 so as to be turnable and the other end 22b of which is fixed to the second member; a first cam 28 fixed to the first member 20; a second cam 32 which is formed so that projections and recesses are engaged with the first cam 28, is fixed to the shaft 22 so as to be turnable with the shaft 22, and has a diameter equal to that of the first cam 28; and a plurality of coned disc springs 34, 36 which are disposed while penetrating the shaft 22 so as to bring the second cam 32 into pressure-contact with the first cam and have a diameter equal to that of the first cam 28 and the second cam 34. The respective coned disc springs 34, 36 include the first coned disc spring 34 which is deformed with low pressure, and the second coned disc spring 36 which is deformed with high pressure.

Nishiyama, Takeshi
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January 07, 2013
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June 14, 2011
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F16C11/04; F16C11/10; F16F1/32; F16F3/10
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綿貫 隆夫
岡村 隆志
堀米 和春
平井 善博
傳田 正彦