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Japanese Patent JPS6354593
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PURPOSE: To make it possible to supply uniformly medium liquid over the whole surface of a heat transfer pipe by fixing and holding to pipe plates a liquid dispersing tray the multiple hole plate of which has the row of its holes provided in it positioned right above each heat transfer pipe of a bundles of heat transfer pipes.

CONSTITUTION: Between pipe plates 6a and 6b in a shell 9 a liquid dispersing tray 5 is fixed and held by inserting a support metal member 8 into a through-hole 7 provided in each pipe plate and welding the metal member 8 to the pipe plate in such a fashion that the row 4 of holes provided in a multiple hole plate 3 is positioned right above each heat transfer pipe 2. A medium F which flows into the liquid dispersing tray 5 through a liquid inlet 12 is supplied uniformly from a row of holes 4 to each heat transfer pipe 2 which is positioned right below the row of holes 4 to form a uniform down-flowing liquid film and this liquid film exchanges heat with a heating fluid A flowing in the heat transfer pipe 2. The vapor F' of the medium liquid exits from a vapor outlet 15 and vapor liquid F the could not be vaporized flows out from a liquid outlet 16. With this constitution a dried section on the heat transfer pipe is eliminated, providing a horizontal pipe outside down-flow liquid film type evaporator of a small size and high reliability with high efficiency.

Koyama, Yoshio
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Publication Date:
March 08, 1988
Filing Date:
August 25, 1986
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F28D3/00; F28D3/04; (IPC1-7): F28D3/04