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Japanese Patent JP2019035465
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To provide a hub unit bearing capable of protecting a retainer and a rolling body more properly while suppressing a sub-assembly, unitized by letting the retainer retain a plurality of rolling bodies in advance, from falling from an outer ring member.SOLUTION: An outer ring 2 has an outer ring small shoulder part 231 which extends axially without protruding radially inward more than a groove bottom diameter of an outer ring track surface 21 from a large diameter-side end part 21b of the outer ring track surface 21, and a groove part 24 which is formed at the outer ring small shoulder part 231 and is hollowed radially outward from the outer ring small diameter part 231. A retainer 5 has an annular small-diameter part 51, an annular large-diameter part 52, and a plurality of column parts 53 extending at a mutual interval in a circumferential direction between the small-diameter part 51 and large-diameter part 52, and a pocket 54 formed between adjacent column parts 53 and accommodating a ball 4. The large-diameter part 52 has a claw part 55 which protrudes radially outward from an outer peripheral surface and has at least a tip 55a accommodated in the groove part 24 of the outer ring 2.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

高山 幸久
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March 07, 2019
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August 16, 2017
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F16C33/38; F16C19/18; F16C33/58; F16C33/64; F16C43/04
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