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Japanese Patent JPH06351206
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PURPOSE: To increase rotational speed without using a demagnetization control operation and to reduce an iron loss without lowering the efficiency of the title rotating machine by a method wherein a magnetic flux by a permanent magnet and a DC magnetic flux by a DC excitation winding are adjusted to be strong and weak.

CONSTITUTION: When a DC current is supplied to a DC excitation winding 5 for a permanent-magnet synchronous rotating machine, a closed magnetic circuit is formed in the route of an armature yoke 4, an S-pole-side iron core 2b, a gap, an S-pole-side salient-pole-shaped part 12aS, a rotor core 12, a rotor yoke 14, the rotor core 12, an N-pole-side salient-pole-shaped part 12aN, the gap, an N-pole-side iron core 2a and the yoke 4. In this case, the direction of a magnetic flux can be controlled by the direction of the DC current, and its magnitude can be controlled by the magnitude of the current. As a result, field strength can be adjusted easily, a torque can be increased easily within a constant torque range, an induced voltage can be reduced easily within a constant output range, an available range can be increased, a DC excitation input become extremely small, the efficiency of the rotation machine can be increased, and an iron loss can be reduced sharply by reducing the magnetic flux in a high-speed region.

Mizuno, Takayuki
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Publication Date:
December 22, 1994
Filing Date:
September 29, 1993
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H02K1/27; H02K16/00; H02K21/04; H02K21/14; (IPC1-7): H02K21/14; H02K1/27; H02K16/00
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光石 俊郎 (外1名)