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Japanese Patent JPS54151778
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PURPOSE:To reduce the cost of a hydraulic brake circuit by equipping a relief valve acting on a brake by-pass circuit in both directions. CONSTITUTION:A-room 28 connecting with A-port 23 is put into high pressure over a given value and when this high pressure acts on a-surface of a poppet valve part, a poppet body 16 moves to the right against a spring 17, oil pressure leaks from A-room 28 to B-room 29 and a by-pass circuit 10 is communicated. On the contrary, if B-room 29 communicating with B-port 24 is similarly put into high pressure, the poppet body 16 moves similarly by the high pressure acting on b-surface and relieves the oil pressure from B-room 29 to A-room 28. This etablished rilief pressure is the same in all directions since the pressure area on a-surface of the poppet valve part 25 is equal to that of the b-surface. In this way the cost of the apparatus can be reduced as the relief valve on the brake bypass circuit acts in both direction.

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November 29, 1979
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May 19, 1978
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F16D57/00; (IPC1-7): F16D57/00

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