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Japanese Patent JP3430321
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PURPOSE: To directly control the damping force irrespective of the piston speed, and generate the stable damping force against the high frequency input.
CONSTITUTION: A piston 3 is fitted in a cylinder 2. A cylinder upper chamber 2a is communicated with a cylinder lower chamber 2b by a communicating passage 9 having valves 10, 11. A poppet valve 17 is provided on an expansion side communicating passage 12 while a poppet valve 27 is provided on a compression side communicating passage 13. The upstream of the poppet valves 17, 27 is communicated with back pressure chambers 20,30 by back pressure passages 22, 32 to be connected to relief valves 25, 34. Spring members 44, 45 are interposed between needles 39, 41 and a plunger 42 of a proportional solenoid 37. The poppet valves 17, 27 are opened at the opening corresponding to the pressure of the cylinder upper and lower chambers 2a, 2b and the back pressure chamber 20, 30 by adjusting the relief pressure by the proportional solenoid 37, and the damping force can be directly controlled. The natural frequency of the needles 39, 41 is increased by the spring members 44, 45, and the delay in response of the relief valves 25, 34 can be prevented, and the stable damping force can be generated against the high frequency input.

Nezu, Takashi
Kashiwagi, Akira
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July 28, 2003
Filing Date:
March 18, 1994
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B60G17/08; F16F9/46; (IPC1-7): F16F9/46; B60G17/08
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萼 経夫 (外3名)

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