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Japanese Patent JP2000301067
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To make it possible to embody the more excellent reproducibility of exciting waveforms by compensating the change in the dynamic characteristics of a hydraulic cylinder which is the exciting source of a hydraulic exciting machine.

The hydraulic exciting machine has the hydraulic cylinder 40 which is operated by the hydraulic fluid supplied from a hydraulic source 1, a servo valve 5 which controls the supply of the hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic cylinder 40 and a controller which outputs the control signal 10a based on an excitation signal 7 from outside to the servo valve as basic constitution. The machine has a speed detecting means 12 for detecting the moving speed of a piston 3 in the hydraulic cylinder and a displacement detecting means 8b for detecting the displacement of the piston. Further, the machine has a linearization compensator for linearizing the dynamic characteristics of the hydraulic cylinder 40 by processing the control signal to the servo valve 5 outputted from the controller between the controller and the servo valve 5 in accordance with the output of the speed detecting means and the output of the displacement detecting means.

Horiuchi, Toshihiko
Hirai, Hirotake
Konno, Takao
Sugamata, Yoshihiko
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Publication Date:
October 31, 2000
Filing Date:
April 21, 1999
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B06B1/18; F15B9/09; G05B11/36; G05D19/02; (IPC1-7): B06B1/18; F15B9/09; G05B11/36; G05D19/02
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高崎 芳紘