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Japanese Patent JP02173326
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PURPOSE: To prevent a hunting occurrence, by providing main and sub droops which act as means to convey the swing of a terminal arm to a floating lever changing the energizing force of a speeder spring, and making a speed change rate variable according to an engine operation condition.

CONSTITUTION: A hydraulic governor at a disel engine has a pilot valve 4, for an engine revolution number, which displaces itself by a difference between the centrifugal force of a flywheel 2 and the energizing force of a speeder spring 3, and drives, by means of operation oil thus controlled, a power piston 5 in a direction in which fuel is increased/decreased. The energizing force of this spring 3 is changed through a floating lever 9 whose one end is supported by a speed control arm 8 responding to an engine revolution speed. In this instance, main and sub droops 25, 26 which convey the swing movement of a terminal arm to the lever 9, are provided at the terminal arm 6, and an arrangement is so made that the sub droop 26, instead of the main droop 25, is made to be engaged with the lever 9 only when a set speed is at low speed sphere, and also, at the time of a low load.

Fujisawa, Yasuhiro
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Publication Date:
July 04, 1990
Filing Date:
December 23, 1988
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F02D1/04; F02D1/04; (IPC1-7): F02D1/04