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Japanese Patent JP2004361646
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To provide an image forming apparatus preventing image defect due to soiling of an electrifying roll by residual toner.

The image forming apparatus is provided with a cleaning part 16. The cleaning part 16 is provided with a brush 16_1, a power source part 16_2, and a potential gradient generating means 16_3. The brush 16_1 consists of a rotational shaft 16a rotating in the direction of an arrow B while in contact with a surface of a photoreceptor drum 11 which is rotating in the direction of an arrow A and bristles 16b planted radially on the rotary shaft 16a. Specified recovery voltage is applied to the rotary shaft 16a in a cleaning process, electrostaticly recovering the residual toner remaining on the photoreceptor drum 11 to the brush 16_1 and discharging voltage which is a different polarity from the recovery voltage above is applied to the rotary shaft 16a in a discharging process, electrostaticly discharging the recovered toner in the cleaning process to the photoreceptor drum 11. Potential gradient is generated between parts in contact with the rotational shaft 16a of the bristles 16b and tip parts of the bristles 16b during the discharging process by the potential gradient generating means 16_3.

Iwasaki, Hitoshi
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Publication Date:
December 24, 2004
Filing Date:
June 04, 2003
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G03G15/08; A46B7/10; G03G21/10; (IPC1-7): G03G21/10; A46B7/10; G03G15/08
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山田 正紀
小杉 佳男